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Specializing in Commercial Law, Transactional Law, Real Estate, Probate and Estate Planning






Our firm has years of experience in assisting clients with corporate compliance programs to help them with the ever-increasing web of state and federal laws and regulations affecting their business. 



Our firm is skilled at guiding clients through the choice of a legal entity taking into consideration their business and their short and long term goals.



Our firm specializes in providing counsel to clients whose business demands the utmost in legal advice.



Our firm has been actively involved in real estate and business transactions throughout its history. 



We advise and assist individual clients in traditional trust and probate matters as well as with their estate planning and business succession needs. 


Our Firm

M&A is a full-service law firm representing businesses and individuals throughout Texas, that include entrepreneurs, privately-held companies, partnerships and trusts. Our clients come from a broad range of industries including real estate, construction and financial.


The firm builds trust and long-term relationships with our clients while striving to efficiently and effectively provide innovative legal analyses, solutions and strategies that assist in ensuring the continued success and growth of your business. We have a passion and desire for working with clients as if we were true business partners.


Our Commitment

We possess a clear vision, as a firm, as to the sort of legal services we strive to provide to our clients.

First and foremost, our services, including legal analysis, work product and advice, must be in all respects technically superior, not merely competent. In today’s complex, ever-evolving legal and business worlds, the technical proficiency and professional skills of a firm’s attorneys create the necessary foundation for achieving desirable results in any legal matter. The academic credentials of our attorneys rival those of members of significantly larger firms, and we diligently and consistently endeavor to remain fully apprised of all developments in legal fields relevant to our practice as they occur.

Second, our representation of our clients must, in all respects, be advised by common sense. Technical legal skills alone are not enough. We have all observed, from time to time, situations where the legal advice being offered is technically accurate, but lacking in any sort of grounding in the real world circumstance in which the client finds himself or herself. The decades of experience of our attorneys have prepared us to combine technical proficiency and an understanding of how the real world works in order to provide our clients with legal advice that permits the client to successfully maximize his or her position, whatever that might be.

Lastly, our efforts must be shaped with the goal in mind of maximizing the value received by our clients. That means tailoring the legal services which we provide while keeping at all times an eye clearly upon the intended practical results. It also means utilizing the resources of the firm, including both its personnel and the most current technology, to render such services as efficiently and, therefore, as cost effectively as possible.

In truth, many of our clients tend to look at us as their “outside” general counsel. We are available to assist with any and all legal issues that they encounter, no matter how big or how small and no matter what substantive area of the law they involve. If, as is typically the case, a matter is one with regard to which the firm’s attorneys possess legal expertise, we handle the matter in-house. If the matter happens to involve an area outside of our expertise, we help the client identify a specialist possessing the necessary expertise and assist the client in efficiently utilizing such outside expertise.





2228 Ship's Mechanic Row
Suite 200
Galveston, Texas 77550

Phone:  (713) 797-0694

Phone:  (409) 766-7966 

Fax(409) 766-7955 

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